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Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 03:08:26 BST

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    Johnny and Platt,

    Just one question - according to your conversation below, where does
    (physical) death fit in? it doesn't seem to have changed much - is it a
    pattern? It's still final, unless you believe the Raileians or the
    cryogenics folks.
    > Everything is patterns interacting. There are no isolated patterns. A
    > attempts to do its pattern, a worm attempts to do its. Through it all,
    > oxygen and gravity are doing their pattern, interacting with birds and
    > worms. All patterns tend to maintain their pattern, because it is good
    > they do, but in the course of trying to do their pattern, other patterns
    > thwarted. If they start getting thrawrted all the time, they stop being
    > patterns, or they change.
    > >Oh, oh. Enter good old stale, static left-wing political thinking.
    > Do you deny you've been marketed to?
    > >I'm all for eliminating taxes. I never heard a liberal say that. :-)
    > I'm actually not for eliminating taxes, just changing where they come
    > Instead of income tax, I like luxury taxes, large sales taxes on computers
    > and consumer electronics and cars and property and furniture of like 30%.
    > And I like the idea of a national sales tax that would be about the same
    > the 2-3% that credit card companies skim off all our transactions with
    > stores. We should get that money, not First USA shareholders and
    > executives, so lets eliminate their function by nationalizing the banking
    > network infrastructure. They had their day, now it is time for the open
    > source community to really do something useful.
    > I imagine a public network that would transfer the money out of the buyers
    > account and into a government escrow account for a set period of time and
    > then, minus the sales tax, into the sellers account (both the buyers
    > and the sellers account could be accounts in this public database, no one
    > would need to have a bank anymore). All transactions would securely and
    > privately go through this network, so that escrow account would be a huge
    > rainy day fund. Car and house payments would sit in the account for a few
    > days before being transferred to the sellers account, small items like
    > household goods would sit for a few hours. It's hard to know what could
    > done with the trillions of dollars that would be available in that fund,
    > perhaps money could be loaned for tuition and housing from this fund at no
    > interest.
    > Johnny
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