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Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 10:22:14 BST

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    Hi Steve

    You wrote:

    '> How is ZAMM's Quality event and Quality=Experience
    > reconciled with Lila's
    > static/dynamic split?'

    My interpretation is that in ZMM before the mystical
    experience that led to his 'insanity' Pirsig was
    already closing in on his static-Dynamic division with
    the classic-romantic split he had defined.

    Before his shift to a mystical monism he still saw his
    understanding of Quality as a metaphysical one. At
    this point the Quality event was seen as divisible in
    terms of time, the pre-intellectual experience - first
    impressions, surface beauty - was seen as romantic
    quality and was the cutting edge of the experience.

    The intellectual experience - the intellectual
    analogues, rational explanation etc - was seen as
    classic quality, and this comes later in the

    Pirsig makes this statement in Lila:

    'When the person who sits on the stove first discovers
    his low-Quality situation, the front edge of his
    experience is Dynamic. He does not think, "This stove
    is hot", and then make a rational decision to get off.
    A "dim apprehension of he knows not what" gets him off
    Dynamically. Later he generates static patterns of
    thought to explain the situation.' Ch 9

    So the time element is still there, but he sees there
    is more to the division than a time lag, resulting in
    the MoQ.

    He does explain why the classic-romantic split was
    dropped in Lila, he saw that both classic and romantic
    quality are different patterns of what he has now
    called static quality. This he arrives at by seeing
    that when a Native American mystic seeks a vision, it
    is of something beyond both romantic and classic



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