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Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 21:23:58 BST

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    In a recent post I said:
    "Rather than use the distinction of subjects and objects as the primary
    division that enables understanding of reality, Pirsig's second major
    insight was to divide reality into a creative aspect (dynamic quality) and a
    self-sustaining aspect (static quality). In ZAMM he explained how the
    Quality event produces subjects and objects. In Lila, he explained that it
    is more useful to think of the Quality Event as Dynamic Quality leaving
    static patterns of value in its wake which can latch or not onto other
    static patterns of value."

    Is this a good interpretation of how the Quality Event would be redefined in

    How is ZAMM's Quality event and Quality=Experience reconciled with Lila's
    static/dynamic split?


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