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Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 22:34:20 BST

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    Erin and all MOQers:

    Erin said:
    I'm beginning to think you associate those who agree with you on an issue
    as "intellectual" and those that don't as "social".

    dmb answered:
    Obviously, agreement with me is not the determining factor. But I DO think
    we can see the clash between social and intellectual values in the conflict
    between today's conservatives and liberals. The so-called "cultures war" is
    largely a battle between social and intellectual values and so its only
    natural that we can detect the values at play when we discuss these
    political issues. And what I'm saying about Platt is that he invariably
    asserts 3rd level values whenever such topics arise. Lots and lots of people
    do the same. As a result, its easy to recognize it right away, especially
    since these social level assertions are made parrot-like, with little
    variation in phrasing or vocabulary. Rush fans rightly call themselves
    ditto-heads, you know?

    dmb adds:
    I wrote that yesterday and this morning discovered that the journal of
    American Psychological Association recent published an article detailing the
    personality traits and psychological motivations of conservatives over the
    last fifty years. There has been a little storm of protest by conservatives
    in the media and that was touched off by a provocative press release out of
    Berkeley, a formerly liberal college town that conservatives love to hate.
    The whole business is classic culture war stuff. The paper will tickle some
    and irritate others for ideological reasons, but please take a look at it
    with Pirsig third level social values, the Victorians and the reactionary
    movements that followed. I think it sheds lots of light on the nature of the
    social level, especially in terms of what if looks like in the real world.
    Here's the press release that started it all. The original paper is out
    there for those who might want the real deal. Its pretty easy to google your
    way to it. The paper is titled "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social
    Cognition" and was published in the APA's "Psychological Bulletin". And here
    is the short press release that propelled it into the mass media. Enjoy...

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