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Date: Sat Aug 16 2003 - 02:44:53 BST

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    Erin and all MOQERS:

    I saw a great movie on this topic. You should see if you get a chance. I was
    reminded of Pirsig's ideas many times while Watching it. The film is titled
    "MAX" and stars John Cusack. He plays a fictional modern art dealer in
    post-WWI Germany who takes the young Adolf Hitler under his wing. It very
    clearly dramatizes Hilter's hatred of intellectuals and of modernity itself.
    The flick blew me away. BAM!

    Erin said:
    Berkeley newspaper defining a conservative... that
    sounds like it may be a bit biased, ya know like
    Rush Limbaugh defining a liberal?

    But dmb had already written:
    ............The paper is titled "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social
    >Cognition" and was published in the APA's "Psychological Bulletin". And
    >is the short press release that propelled it into the mass media. Enjoy...

    dmb now adds:
    The paper was co-authored by four academic professionals, not a newspaper.
    Also the link does not take you to a newspaper, only a press release.

    Erin said:
    sarcastically and defensively yours,
    as to whether you can classify me as a conservative or liberal I'm
    going to let you get to know me more:-)

    dmb says:
    Since you are apparently offended by criticisms of conservatism, I think it
    is safe to assume that you personally identify to some extent. And if you
    considered yourself a liberal, you'd be thrilled and interested instead of
    irritated and dismissive. Let me guess...


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