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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 16:50:05 BST

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    >Erin and all MOQERS:
    >I saw a great movie on this topic. You should see if you get a chance. I was
    >reminded of Pirsig's ideas many times while Watching it. The film is titled
    >"MAX" and stars John Cusack. He plays a fictional modern art dealer in
    >post-WWI Germany who takes the young Adolf Hitler under his wing. It very
    >clearly dramatizes Hilter's hatred of intellectuals and of modernity itself.
    >The flick blew me away. BAM!
    >Erin said:
    >Berkeley newspaper defining a conservative... that
    >sounds like it may be a bit biased, ya know like
    >Rush Limbaugh defining a liberal?
    >But dmb had already written:
    >...........The paper is titled "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social
    >>Cognition" and was published in the APA's "Psychological Bulletin". And
    >>is the short press release that propelled it into the mass media. Enjoy...
    >dmb now adds:
    >The paper was co-authored by four academic professionals, not a newspaper.
    >Also the link does not take you to a newspaper, only a press release.
    >Erin said:
    >sarcastically and defensively yours,
    >as to whether you can classify me as a conservative or liberal I'm
    >going to let you get to know me more:-)
    >dmb says:
    >Since you are apparently offended by criticisms of conservatism, I think it
    >is safe to assume that you personally identify to some extent. And if you
    >considered yourself a liberal, you'd be thrilled and interested instead of
    >irritated and dismissive. Let me guess...

    Nope, I lean toward the left my friend. I am not offended by criticisms of
    conservatism. But there is criticism and there are karma dumps.

    Pirsig: "Another
    immoral way of killing the static patterns is to pass the patterns to
    someone else, in what Phaedrus called a "karma dump." You invent a devil
    group, Jews or blacks or whites or capitalists or communists-it doesn't
    matter -then say that group is responsible for all your suffering, and then
    hate it and try to destroy it. On a daily personal level everyone has things
    or people they hate and blame for their suffering and this hatred and blame
    brings a kind of relief.' "


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