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Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 02:56:05 BST

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    Hi Squonk:

    > squonk: The intellectual pattern that claimed to be able to represent
    > artes is reason. Reason is not based upon subjects and objects, but on
    > the intellectual aesthetic of the geometric method of inference. Such
    > truth was felt to be super sensible like Gods. Later, it was felt to be
    > the form/matter behind biological, social and intellectual patterns.

    Please explain "intellectual aesthetic of the geometric method of
    inference." If you can, please include some down to earth, plain
    English examples. Are you talking about good old Aristotelian logic,
    or something else?


    Hello Platt,
    Take for example any triangle and then reproduce it twice the size. Place the
    two next to eachother.
    The two triangles are identical apart from their scale - there is a ratio
    between them - one is twice the size of the other.
    No matter how the ratio varies - 2, 3, 4 times, the properties of the
    triangle remain the same - and this could be taken to be an eternal truth: Regardless
    of scale, triangles have certain properties.
    There are inferences that can be made regarding such taken to be eternal
    triangles, and it is these inferences that replace Gods. Who needs Gods when the
    internal angels of any triangle, regardless of scale, add up to 360*?
    Bertrand Russell suggests that for the next 2,000 years after Euclid, many
    philosophers used the geometric method of inference to prove the existence of
    The geometric method basically starts with known assumptions, and then
    deduces results. And the basic assuptions are taken to be eternal, regardless of
    subjects and objects - the assumptions are super sensible, and perhaps the cause
    of subjects and objects.
    So, one may argue: God is the biggest. If God is the biggest, then it can be
    argued, in geometric fashion, that all big things are smaller than God and
    thus a part of God.
    Such reasoning - such ratio-analysing - may be highly dubious?

    The MoQ says that ratio - the proportion between two triangles - emerges from
    Quality. Therefore, ratio's are Quality relationships. Thus, geometry is
    intellectual quality.
    Its an aesthetic. So, the inferences following from this aesthetic are based
    upon an aesthetic of Quality.
    All the centuries of trying to prove God's existence using geometry is
    intellectual quality - not of God, but of intellectual patterns themselves.

    Aristotle used geometric methodology to try and show that 'things' in our
    experience - things we can point to as examples of things - can be proved to be
    certain in the same way that the properties of triangles can be certain. The
    flaw is that assumptions have to be made, and the assumptions can be the

    All the best,

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