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Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 02:28:26 BST

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    Hi Squonk,
    (I am sorry for responding before I post your words. When I read your words
    in Outlook Express there is a vertical line on the left margin. This
    distracts me. To avoid the line I space down from the top and start writing.)
    joe: I think the static aspect of intellectual value is the pattern. I think
    the holding place for patterns is the memory. I think the dq intellect is
    the apprehension of dynamic quality. I call this the 'intutive intellect'. A
    pattern has value, meaning.
    Is the "undefined aesthetic sense" the same thing I mean when I use
    'intuitive intellect'? When I was a Dominican novice, the organist had a cheat-book of
    Broadway tunes. At recreation time, he would begin playing chords on the
    piano, and I would sing. "Old Rockin' Chair's Got Me" was our favorite. He
    played what he wanted within the chord structure and I sang what I could. I have
    no idea what I sang except it felt good. Many times we returned to this song,
    and each time it was different. As I remember the experience, I feel it was
    a catharsis for many of the things I had to repress. I think I would place an
    "aesthetic sense" as the 'intuitive intellect' of my DNA generated awareness,
     Is this gibberish? Is my awareness my intellect, my mind?
    "The intellectual order" is an open statement. When I talk about my
    intellect, I want to individualize it yet I want to avoid the word 'mind.' I prefer
    'DNA generated awareness' since that emphasizes my individuality. My awareness
    works with the patterns in memory that my individuality has experienced.
    Lila's mind, intellect may have been weak or non-existent, but that is a
    stereotype about women that has been around for awhile and easily repeated. This
    is to the subject Lila's Child.

    Hello Joe,
    I can only give you my view of things, and i do not claim to be 100% correct
    and never will!
    However, i have a sense that you are on to it. But i feel there is a
    discrtete gap between DNA and social patterns. I feel there is a discrete gap between
    social patterns and intellect. I say this because that is what the MoQ says.
    But there may be a state of alignment across all levels which looks like
    interaction, but is not.
    All the best,

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