Re: MD Chance and natural selection

Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 21:17:16 BST

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    Scott said:
    Why does one look for material explanations? because it is assumed that that is all there are (see the Rorty definition above).

    Tsk, tsk, Scott. Rorty didn't say that all there are are material explanations. He said, "...a "physicalist" [is] someone who is prepared to say that every event can be described in micro-structural terms, a description which mentions only elementary particles, and can be explained by reference to other events so described." He says, "can be described," not "all there are." If I understand you correctly, you don't think this is a difference that makes a difference, though I still do, but you did say that you wouldn't make him sound reductionist anymore. And as far as I can tell you just welched.


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