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Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 16:35:48 BST

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    Hi Scott, Platt, Sam, Bo, All:

    > This is why I say that the S/O divide should be seen as a case of the
    > DQ/SQ divide. It's too ingrained in us to be called a *static* pattern
    > of value.

    How "ingrained" something is has no effect on its being a static
    pattern. The laws of physics are pretty well ingrained yet still static
    patterns of the inorganic level. But, the S/O divide, if we agree it is
    a static social pattern, can be said to be seen as "a case of the DQ/sq
    divide, or perhaps less abstractly, a case (pattern) in the MOQ moral

    Jonathan says, I dissent on both counts:
    1. "Ingrained" and "static" are synonyms, both meaning resistant to change.
    2. I don't see the S/O divide as a social pattern. It is an (intellectual)
    description of perception AT ALL LEVELS.

    IMHO, what Pirsig has done is to LIBERATE the S/O divide from a metaphysical
    straightjacket. According to my understanding of the quality idea, the S/O
    division is no longer a fixed, absolute dichotomy that defines the bounds of
    reality; it is a dynamically-assigned division that can help describe


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