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    I would really like to see a table with Pirsig thinks on one side and Bo thinks on the other
    listing down on various subjects. Cos I don't get your problems.

    David Morey
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        The reason I say this that you - at least
        - seem to understand what direction I want the MOQ to move.

      Dear Bo,
      This has been said a number of times, but i feel it is the best way to progress:
      You already have a metaphysics. Your metaphysics does not coincide with that of the MoQ, therefore, it would be better for you to talk exclusively from the view of your own metaphysics and contrast this with the MoQ.
      This way individuals may value the MoQ, or value Bo's metaphysics according to their respective preferences.

      It is unhelpful for your to say, 'At least you understand...' to Paul, as if Paul, or indeed anyone else, can change the MoQ for you. That cannot be done. The MoQ is understood and agreed upon by too many people for you to have an effect. Another way of saying this is to say that too many people understand Bo's metaphysics for you to have an effect. (I urge you to reflect upon recent posts by Wim, Dan, Paul, Platt, RMP, myself....) Insisting only a select few intellectual chiefs share a perch upon a lofty plato with you will not change a thing.

      Ideas are artistic creations of the Human intellect. Gods, protons, sine arcs, subjects, objects, dharma... All fictions in response to Quality. Intellect cannot be a product of its own inventions.
      You are saying, 'Intellect is the product of Human ideas.'


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