Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Chinese cuisine.

From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 17:00:10 GMT

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    Hi Mark,

    You said:
    > Does anyone like sweet and sour?
    > There has only ever been one occasion upon which it worked for me;
    > the meal was neither sweet nor sour, but a third indescribable taste
    > which was quite exquisite. This taste does not have a name in English?
    > Maybe it has one in Chinese? Every other occasion i had tried the dish
    > it failed to hit the mark - failed to exist in the moment as that
    > which it should be.
    > The thing is, when you taste it, it is superb.
    > Now it seems to me we have here not only an example of the ripeness
    > of a meal well prepared - a human art form - a living example of SQ-SQ
    > coherence, but it may also serve as an analogy for SQ-SQ coherence
    > itself by extension? Here we have cuisine were on another day we may
    > have chosen the best tuning of a motorcycle and our relationship to it
    > as the example?
    > Here is what i have in mind: Sour = Static pattern. Sweet = static
    > pattern. Both together form a tension which is dissonance. But, bring
    > the two static patterns into harmony and they dissipate into a third
    > state while simultaneously retaining their static structure. This
    > third state is SQ-SQ coherence - that point at which DQ intervenes.
    > Please forgive me if this example appears superfluous? However, i do
    > feel a master chef would be complimented upon a metaphysical
    > description of his art? Unless of course you told him his cooking was
    > dissonant!

    This example helped me to understand SQ-SQ coherence.


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