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Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 05:30:38 GMT

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    Perhaps my words get tangled a bit, but I completely understand the feeling of what your words are trying to depict.

    This has also been a ..short time... of various realisations, and decisions based on these realisations... for myself. One of the most striking examples I can remember, happened at work tonight. An important focus in cooking today, is not to make things on the plate look as if they were placed there by man, or you could say...over-manipulated. Now, I don't always agree with this, but in many cases it is good.

    Tonight, i was making various dishes, and attempted to have less of a placed look. So instead of placing them (various food objects) on the plate one by one, I just sort of dumped (not a very pretty sounding word) it there. But what an effect! It turned out excellently and beautifully on many occasions! Height, balance, and imbalance. Proportion, and improportion. Tension, harmony.

    The placing of this specific dish looked good, and I called it "Dynamic Quality".

    You talk about things which make up the ambience in which we live in. These are very important to me, as they are to you, and many people here and there, everywhere. These are like the desert from which we choose our pile of sand that is our own universe of experience and understanding.

    I think that , perhaps, when we focus on these seemingly unimportant details, it is like looking at the desert around you, instead of the grains of sand in your pile.

    Sometimes I like to sit in the very comfortable 'reading ' chairs that are in the lobby of the hotel at which I work (the Royal York Hotel). You can hear the constant chatter of people. but you never focus on that. I just sit there, and think of nothing in particular, sometimes staring into 'nothing' for awhile.

     I like this. I don't know why.

    Matt Poot

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