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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 19:18:06 GMT

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    On 1 March 2004 8:22 AM Paul writes to Bo:

    That said, I have made an effort to understand your ideas but (as you
    know) believe that they are not as good as Pirsig's MOQ for reasons
    stated exhaustively over the past few months. Aside from anything else,
    I have a personal appreciation for the contribution of Eastern
    philosophy to an understanding of my own experience, and this body of
    knowledge is a bit of a "platypus" within your theory - as well as being
    central to the MOQ. I also think a lack of clarity in your theory has
    weighed against you and I think this has happened because you seem to
    have spent more time digging out ambiguities in Pirsig's work to prove
    that SOLAQI is "the proper MOQ" than constructing your interpretation
    more thoroughly.

    joe: in a 'law of evolution' there must be a way to distinguish the levels.
    To experience the inorganic level I observe the ground, my toenails and
    hair. I use mathematics to describe their properties 'gravity'.

    To experience the organic level I observe my hungers, my need for food apart
    from what happens to me. I use a language of 'purpose' to distinguish this
    level from the gravity of the inorganic, 'gravity with purpose'.

    To experience the social level I observe a moral order, a need for order. I
    use a language of 'existence' to describe the hierarchy of morals, 'gravity
    with purpose, existence'.

    To experience the intellectual level I observe the 'law of evolution',
    'dq-sq'. To describe dq sq, I use the language of s/o, the quality of law,
    'gravity with purpose, existence, quality'.

    Bo's description of s/o might be useful to me.

    To experience a level of Faith, I observe the sun with its body of atomic
    fusion. I use 'existence' to describe the sun. I increase the levels in a
    moral order. IMO Faith is an experience of 'existence'. The gravity,
    purpose, and quality in creation are sq applied to dq faith in existence by
    analogy through s/o. Faith in trust (self-awareness) is beyond me?


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