MD SQ-SQ tension/coherence in white noise.

Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 20:01:44 GMT

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    Dear forum,
    A psychology student friend of mine informed me recently of studies into the
    response of babies to white noise.
    What is white noise? Here is a description:
    White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all
    different frequencies together. If you took all of the imaginable tones that a
    human can hear and combined them together, you would have white noise.

    Thus, the colour white is used by analogy for the sound made by combining
    many sound frequencies.
    There is also a website selling white noise CD's at: A quote from this site reads:
    At last, an alternative to a bulky white noise machine or white noise
    generator - convenient white noise CDs! Play our digitally mastered white noise CDs
    at home, school or office, with or without headphones. Also known as white
    sound, each white noise CD offers a full hour of soothing sound that creates an
    oasis of relaxation and calm, promotes sleep, blocks annoying noises for a more
    restful sleep, improves concentration, and eases the symptoms of colic,
    tinnitus, ADD/ADHD and hyperacusis.

    I understand white noise generators were used in recording studios to add a
    'burst' of white noise under the sound of the snare drum to add emphasis and
    attack. But why is white noise so relaxing? Apart from studio use, i thought
    white noise was also used by interrogators to torture victims? What is going on?

    Well, it seems to me we may link white noise and a previous post enquiring
    into rain sounds, open fire flames and wood bark? White noise, at an appropriate
    volume, dances on that fine edge between order and chaos - our patterns
    cannot capture a pattern in white noise without being distracted by a Dynamic
    change. However, if the balance between static patterning and Dynamic change is
    exceptional - and it would appear technologically produced white noise provides
    ready access to this - then our patterns and those of white noise may float at
    a coherent sweet spot which exists in the moment?

    Apparently, babies become calm when played white noise. If we contemplate the
    relative lack of patterned experience of babies, i wonder if there is
    significance to be found here?

    All the best,

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