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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 20:46:36 GMT

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    Hello Dm,

    You say we have to get rid of money. In a 'project' I worked on for my
    philosophy course, I chose the topic "The Ideal State" and discussed
    political, philosophical, economical, and theological ideas surrounding

    One such idea was to get rid of money. But , I ran into a few problems.

    I think that, in the end, the trade/barter system will be the main solution.
    Yet, even still there are problems with that. How can you prevent people
    from being swindled? How can you promote fair trade?

    The problem with money, mainly, is that it becomes the determining factor
    for almost everything in life today, as opposed to Quality being the
    determiner (word?)

    One of the interesting jobs that I 'do' right now, part-time, is working in
    a factory that produces large 'chocolate' eggs for easter, in an assembly
    line fashion (thank you Mr. Ford~!). This is _the_ most mind numbing labour
    I have ever partaken in, and it helps me achieve a more well rounded view of
    the current make up of our industrial society. Each egg gets a "surprise"
    in it. Most of the time, it is just 2 shitty erasers. With that comes the
    egg. How much is paid for something that costs about.....25 cents to make
    (including equipment, etc)?? its about 10 dollars in the end. and the
    profit ratio goes up as you make larger eggs....

    Mass , IMO, is one of the key promoters and sustainers of 'money' as we
    know it. Mass Production, Mass Media, Mass-murder.....the list goes on. In
    my job working in the largest kitchen in Canada, (Royal York Hotel),
    everything is produced in quantity (excluding fine dining).

    I think , therefor, that we can all agree to : Quantity < Quality

    Well, there has to be a change in attitudes on everyones part. A different
    SoM, you could say.

    Time is short


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