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Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 00:30:43 GMT

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    Hi DM, Platt, Wim, All

    I think that many of our current problems , are a DIRECT result of the
    industrial revolution. Now, this revolution brought us convenience, and
    technology , which are certainly very useful, and I would not give up, or
    that is to say, that I would keep certain aspects of technology (medical,

    The industrial revolution really did make things easier. But did it make
    things Better? Of higher Quality? No, in fact, in many cases it did the
    exact opposite.
    I think that industries reliance on Petroleum, and Petroleum by-products is
    a major downfall. The major downfall, is most evident in the vehicles that
    we drive today, which, to say the least, are over-sized, resource-devouring,
    earth-polluting devices which are "convenient". ***look to bottom

    Now, I am definitely not saying that petroleum has no benefits. Plastics
    are very lightweight, easy to produce and recycle in great quantity, and
    never rust or break down (not for a loooong time). Also, many of the
    vehicles being driven are not that bad, and if you have a pickup truck, or
    an SUV (OH NO!!!) , I dont realllly care, _____As long as you(whoever) uses
    it!!! ____ SUVs and pickups shouldn't be driven by
    soccer-moms(stereotype-yet, I witness it multiple times daily) and the like,
    in urban and suburban areas.

    Earlier, Platt was speaking of something to do "Does the MoQ suggest
    moderation, etc.?" Well, no it doesnt' . However, we can both(all) agree
    that "it is all about" promoting the highest quality. Something similar to
    Arete, striving towards being excellent. Since we live in a very
    materialistic society, the least we can do, at this current point (before we
    switch mindsets) is to put higher quality into our lives, by the means of
    the goods we produce and consume. This wastage of ours (I waste , has got
    to stop. OR it will be the end of us. Not to be nihilistic, but you can
    see the logic behind this?

    Anyways, I will let others have a say.


    Matthew Poot.

    ***Computers today, are smaller, and more powerful, but take up to 240 times
    their weight in fossil fuels to produce , and consume more electricity.
    Instead of solely focusing on making them faster and more powerful,
    companies should(should, eh?) look to develop with efficiency as well.

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