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    > wrote:
    > Excuse me, but we are wrecking the Earth. We are poisoning the air
    > faster than nature can clean it. We are poisoning the water supply
    > faster than nature can clean it. We are expanding into animals' habitats
    > and forcing them into extinction. We're overfishing. We're overbreeding.
    > It's not that what we are doing to the planet are things that it can't
    > deal with. The problem is the rate at which we are doing these things.

    I must admit that my first inclination is to ask "environmentalists" who go
    off on these rants to jump in a lake.

    It would help to correct the overpopulation problem, provide food for
    endangered species (provided you pick the right lake) and, although it may
    temporarily increase water pollution, ultimately the reduction of sewage
    compensates for that.

    > Earth may take care of herself, but she does it on a geologic timeframe.
    > It's like we're pointing a gun at her head and, for the past 100 years,
    > we've been slowly squeezing the trigger. At some point soon we're going
    > to reach the moment when we squeeze the trigger too far and that'll be
    > it for Earth. We've got to put down the gun.

    It'd be just our luck that we'd somehow return the Earth to it's pristine
    state - assuming we find a way to stuff a cork in the various volcanos
    spewing noxious gasses - only to have an asteroid screw everything up.

    As I recall, environmentalists were largely responsible for denuding much of
    the Western U.S. last year due to silly forest management policies, in the
    process dumping more pollutants in the air than my 17 year old minivan has
    in it's entire existence. Or every minivan ever made, for that matter.

    Meanwhile, I drive my 1987 emissions standard vehicle back and forth to work
    and feed organically grown vegetables to the bugs every year. The neighbors
    all think I'm stupid, but they give me their zucchini. Life is good.

    Before you get too worked up, I'm mostly kidding. Except the last paragraph.

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