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Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 19:15:59 GMT

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    On 14 March 2004 3:53 AM Wim writes to Platt:

    Thanks for presenting 13 Mar 2004 08:59:41 -0500 your 'religion of art and
    beauty'. It's certainly a good religion ... in a sense. Not in the sense in
    which I earlier distinguished between religion, art and science as
    alternative ways of 'reaching beyond', but certainly in a broader sense of
    'religion', which is derived from the Latin verb 're-ligare', meaning 'to
    reconnect': a way of reconnecting with the source of all reality, Dynamic

    On 18 March 2004 5:20 AM Platt writes to Leland:

    According to the MOQ there's more inherent value in intellectual based
    patterns than faith-based patterns.

    Hi Wim, Platt, Leland and all,

    joe: 'Quality Religion' is a magnificent subject. Thanks Wim! My faith
    follows Roman Catholic tradition. Thomas Aquinas mused that the word
    'religion' can be traced to two words: 're-ligare' (see above), or
    're-legere' 'to survey, scan again,' 'to read again.'

    What is the difference between intellectual-based patterns and faith-based
    patterns? IMO intellectual-based patterns folowing Bo's description contain
    an experience of s/o. Faith-based patterns contain an experience of s/o
    also. Faith seems to be a restricted to the acceptance of a moral

    Since a faith-based pattern is a restricted pattern, it seems logical that
    according to the MOQ there is more inherent value in intellectual-based
    patterns. I want to write about memory and awareness. In an individual
    sentient the intellectual pattern is inorganic, organic, social or
    intellectual. Does the moral hierarchy always enter the awareness in an s/o
    intellectual pattern? Awareness is a part of the experience. IMO SQ-SQ
    tension and coherence, and mystical knowledge indicate different degrees of
    awareness of the moral hierarchy. 'relegere' as a root of the word
    'religion' emphasizes this coherence and mystical sense.

    SOM lost the awareness of a moral hierarchy in a subjective/objective split.
    MOQ accepts the evolution of a hierarchy. The organic evolves from the
    inorganic? Consciousness evolves from non-consciousness? This is obscure.

    IMO from history, messengers like St. Buddha, St. Moses, St. Jesus Christ,
    St. Mohammed, St. Lama, etc., thought that an awareness of the moral
    hierarchy was forgotten in the times they were living.

    I do not know how to measure 'value' except in terms of a moral hierarchy.
    Is there a moral hierarchy between faith-based, and intellectual-based
    patterns? An awkward question! What is my criterion for making a
    distinction? Is there a difference between 'trust' and 'faith'? I say yes:
    "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's, to God what is God's, and to me what is


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