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Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 19:35:06 GMT

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    Greetings, Platt

    Hope all is well with you.

    Platt Holden wrote:

    >I agree that equating DQ with God (or Tao or anything supernatural) is
    >wrong. But I disagree that God can be equated to Quality. IMHO, the MOQ is
    >atheistic to the core. The MOQ provides a naturalistic explanation of
    >reality. There's a natural tendency to ascribe supernatural powers to DQ
    >because it can't be explained in so many words, but neither can energy,
    >that mysterious force that science regards as the ultimate source of
    >everything but is nothing if not natural.
    Are we not guilty of putting the scientific cart before the quality
    horse here? To be sure, MOQ supports a lot of scientific deduction, but
    also says that it falls short. In particular with regard to LILA, it is
    related to the scientific attack on moral principles. Unfortunately one
    of the few resources of ethics in the world at the moment are various
    religious organisations (churches, mosques, buddhist monasteries) which
    due to mental lacunae tend to be ignored because of the dominant POV. I
    should add to that, "unless they are supportive of the regime in
    question". I should also add that I too am approaching this from an
    atheistic POV and wish "to god" that there were more ethical atheistic
    organisations. Maybe Amnesty International counts.

    Unfortunately, I think that a lot of discussion of MOQ is atheist/is
    theist... is trying to shoehorn MOQ into the iceberg from which it might
    otherwise escape. This is not because I believe in bearded old men
    creating reality as I know it - far from it. Simply that I acknowledge
    the same need to explain that the inventors of bearded old men obviously

    All the best,

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