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Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 13:24:46 GMT

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    David said:
    OK you've given me enough flexibility to accept your temporary right to talk secular if you want to, problem is, as Rorty accepts, things are not looking very good for liberalism. ... Can something good be achieved? I think we may be in more trouble than hanging or to liberalism can handle, because we are probably are going to be able to hang on to it. Your thoughts...

    And you're the one that calls _me_ pessimistic.

    The deal with me and Rorty is that, yeah, things aren't looking so good for liberalism, but we don't think it has anything to do with liberalism or democracy, more to do with good, old-fashioned greed, sadism, etc. But that's the case with every gov't set-up, isn't it? Well, we haven't heard a _damn_ thing as to what other options we are supposed to use.

    Everything on your little list of things that you said isn't on the agenda (or, as I would say, isn't getting enough attention) is perfectly within the grasp of liberal democracies to do something about. And I can imagine us doing something about all of them within our liberal parameters, using a secular language. As far as I can tell, liberal democracy is still the way to go.

    So, despite the world looking more and more like 1984, we haven't lost hope, because hope is the only way to really enact change. Once you've lost hope, you're one step closer to spectatorial cynicism, and that's just useless.

    Here's to hope,


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