MD secular humanism and dynamic quality

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 19:07:37 GMT

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    Hi Matt,

    Three weeks on, and a moment to come back to this one.

    The issue I want to focus on is quite narrow, and I've renamed the thread. You said: "Secular
    humanism is a set of values, but it is the set of values that says that you can have your own
    conception of the good above and beyond secular humanism. It says that you can believe
    non-believers are going to hell as long as you get along with them at work. Any conception of the
    good, "above and beyond" secular humanism, that can make that concession, is one that can fit in
    liberal society."

    I think the following are true:
    the ideology or value system referred to as 'secular humanism' is a static pattern of value;
    any static pattern of value, to preserve overall Quality, must be open to DQ innovation;
    it is at least _prima facie_ plausible that there will come a time when the Dynamic evolution of
    secular humanism requires a reconsideration of its basic tenets.

    Is there any way in which you would be prepared to (in advance) concede the legitimacy of such a
    line of objection, ie one which requires a reconsideration of the basic tenets of secular humanism?
    And if so, do you have any thoughts about the sort of language such reconsideration might use?


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