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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 01:03:47 BST

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    Dear Wim,

    In what way is this 'personal metaphysics of morality' you are working on
    (31 Mar 2004 18:30:32 -0500) different from the MoQ?

    when i said that i was more reffering to one title not having any more
    morality than any other title. it doesn't matter what it is called, in other words,
    but what it is.
    my metaphysics of morality differs from the MoQ in that i'm not attempting to
    define (or re-define) reality, i am simply trying to understand and explain
    what makes us act, or "tick", trying to discover where and in which part of the
    brain morality lies, and if it exists; what the difference between societal
    and individual morality is, etc. i have to go now, so perhaps i can delve
    further on some later date (if u so desire).

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