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Date: Tue Apr 06 2004 - 00:51:14 BST

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    Hello Dan and others,

    In this context I want to mention that I notice some biasing in the current
    discussions toward personal and cultural views. This to me is confusing
    since it takes us away from the basics of MOQ.

    Mark 6-4-04: Hello Bart, It may help if you consider two points:
    1. You may wish to consider what 'you' are in MoQ terms more carefully?
    2. What culture is in MoQ terms more carefully?
    With regard to 1 'you' are composed of four static repertoires of patterns
    evolving in response to DQ. Culture, (2) is merely the sum total of all these
    repertoires. Therefore, tensions in the total repertoire may be viewed from an
    evolutionary perspective.

    If the intellectual level is an evolutionary phase, how come it has not
    evolved more and how come that early cultures that had a high degree of
    intellect have vanished completely, did these cultures not have enough

    Mark 6-4-04: Evolution in MoQ terms is value evolution, and forms a continuum
    which is not limited to Humans. Thus, intellectual patterns of evolution can
    survive their initial evolutionary emergence (through literature, etc.).
    'Cultures' come and go, but Intellectual and social patterns transcend. It is the
    Quality of these patterns which survive.

    What also still puzzles me is where the personal quality perception should
    be placed. I myself regard Norway as having higher quality than The
    Netherlands, after having lived there for almost 10 years.

    Mark 6-4-04: Your personal repertoire of patterns evolves in a continuum
    within which there may be found tensions. The total is all the while evolving in a
    relationship with DQ. But your repertoire of patterns IS to some extent
    relationally immersed in a web of SQ-SQ tensions.

    So some expressions of Quality are personally biased and some are culturally
    bound, right?

    Mark 6-4-04: Culture is not a value level of its own. In MoQ terms it would
    be better if you considered the nature of Intellectual and social patterns

    How can we overcome this limitation. Dynamic Quality certainly
    does not have these limitations I can see that, but where do we go from

    Mark 6-4-04: What may at first appear to be a limitation can dissolve within
    a broader format? The MoQ provides this broader format:
    An answer may be to consider static repertoire. All your intellectual
    patterns form a total static repertoire which is evolving in relation to DQ. Your
    repertoire is constantly changing and evolving - sometimes assimilating patterns
    from literature, people, the internet, etc. - sometimes rearranging the
    repertoire in bricolage fashion - maybe at other times being genuinely creative and
    developing new patterns.
    This same process may be repeated for the other levels also, with diminishing
    evolutionary acceleration - the lower levels evolve far more slowly than do
    the higher ones.

    In order to move MOQ forward in the same way as e.g. Einsteins relativity
    theory, it has to have universal value and should not be limited by cultural
    interpretations or biases, therefore my nagging about culture.

    Mark 6-4-04: When the MoQ is assimilated into the sum total of the
    intellectual static repertoire and socially approved, then the MoQ will have, in effect,
    become what may be said to be the dominant cultural intellectual perspective.
    We should avoid using the term 'culture' i feel, as this is better explained
    in the MoQ vocabulary by considering the four levels of value evolution.


    All the best,
    and i hope you do not mind my trying to help Bart?

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