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Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 14:04:52 BST

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    Hi Platt,
    You write:
    Mere openness to dynamic improvement, while admirable, accomplishes little
    unless one takes action as a result to replace a ubiquitous static pattern
    with a better one offering more freedom.

    ...and continue:

    I don't buy the notion that freedom in the MOQ is a 'sweet spot.' Freedom
    in the MOQ is DQ, a moral force whose "only perceived good is freedom and
    its only perceived evil is static quality itself-any pattern of one-sided
    fixed values that tries to contain and kill the ongoing free force of
    life." (Lila, 9) But your reminder of the need for static latching and
    possibility of degeneracy is well taken.

    Mark 21-4-04: The 'sweet spot' is coherence, and coherence is excellence.
    Excellence is high aesthetic. It is the goal of Art.
    When excellent, what is there to choose?
    To be less excellent? That is to become more static - degenerate.
    To be more excellent? Surely this is not possible?
    To maintain excellence? This seems our likely choice?
    Thus, freedom to choose appears to be modified in excellence? Freedom means
    something different for the less than excellent?
    I feel you assume it is imperative for freedom to be available all the time.
    I disagree, for to grasp what coherence is, is to see a relationship between
    DQ and SQ which balances order and freedom in such a way as to touch Unity.

    I agree with Steve when he reveals the misleading nature of, 'you' in the
    question. There is no 'you' in coherence. 'You' arrive later, as a static
    narrative. And it therefore seems more appropriate to ask, 'What has freed you
    Coherence frees you, motivated by DQ, and balanced in SQ-SQ tension.
    Metaphysically, i agree with you say Platt regarding DQ. But our experience
    is patterned to some degree, and to abolish patterns is to invite disaster? So,
    if patterned experience is to be accommodated in the best and most
    appropriate way, would you agree that this may be achieved in the pursuit of excellence?
    Those who claim, 'I am excellent' miss the point?
    This is why the Ancient Greeks awarded wreaths in Olympic games; the wreath
    symbolises the ephemeral nature of excellence - the wreath is glorious but soon
    withers away. Today, we award a shinny Gold medal, in a vain attempt to cling
    to a moment which has past.
    'It' is excellent, not 'I.' We may participate, but cannot own it.

    All the best,

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