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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 15:29:29 BST

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    Mark: We may participate....
    what is this 'we' that participates then?

    Mark 22-4-04: Hi David M, A collection of static patterns of value evolving
    in the Event stream - DQ.
    I like participate, but being human is really therefore, in
    some sense, inseparable from DQ I feel.

    Mark 22-4-04: That's what i said. So, we agree!

    Only the unconscious, sleeping,
    unevolving, law-like, limited, material?, can be truly static.

    Mark 22-4-04: The law-like is like law but not. All laws are idealised
    approximations? The 'laws' are Intellectual patterns; the things that appear law
    like are not deterministic in Newtonian Physical terms?

    Yet patterns are unavoidably important, but so is the free
    and dynamic element that is the essence of timing.
    In a tennis stroke do I stay back for a groung stroke
    or move up for a volley, do I hit my volley at the perfect
    moment, a pattern can be known only synchronically,
    activity is always diachronic and a matter of dynamic timing.
    DQ/freedom/timing/activity/event/time go together, patterns
    embody excellence I would say, even the virus is
    an impressive achievement, the problems begin with incoherence,
    the separation that exists between patterns and their capacity
    to come into conflict. Would you agree?

    Mark 22-4-04: I have a feeling excellence is a relationship - a coherent
    relationship - exceptional and sublime, which is a SQ-SQ tension. These tensions
    are the point at which DQ gets in on the act so to speak.
    You raise some difficult questions David, and i do not have answers. I am
    beginning to have some trouble with a division which may be emerging between
    Coherence as an analogy from Intellectual Coherence to social, organic and
    inorganic coherence, and the imposition of these demarcations by the intellect
    However, there may be some very good news? The commonality between the
    analogies is excellence - coherence - as aesthetic? In other words, coherence in
    lower levels is beautiful.
    Platt objects to this, and i asked him if he found the Tiger beautiful? But
    he did not respond.
    The Tiger IS beautiful isn't it?
    Perhaps the virus IS beautiful also? But an excellent immune system has a
    higher coherence to maintain that the beauty of a virus?
    Must do some more thinking...!

    All the best,

    P.S. I was interested in a previous post you gave recently, but i am a bit
    busy with exam prep. I would very much like to get around to thinking about it
    though... :)

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