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From: Wim Nusselder (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 07:30:40 BST

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    Dear Leland,

    You wrote 23 Apr 2004 00:00:22 -0500:
    'By not "choosing" a religious discipline, I am able to see the value in
    (practically) all religions. The problem with the various religions' claim
    to "Truth" is that they lay claim to "Truth" exclusively of all other
    worldviews. Not only that, but they do not allow one to simply agree that
    there is truth to their message, rather they insist that you believe their
    specific practice is the only method of "connecting" to the "Truth".'

    I understand and respect your position, but there ARE religions (like
    Quakers, Buddhism as described by Khoo) that DO see the value in other
    religions, do NOT claim their specific practice is the ONLY road to it etc.

    You may be able to SEE the value in most religions, but are you able to
    experience it if you don't consistently practise one of their practices?

    With friendly greetings,


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