Re: MD SQ-SQ coherence and the Biosphere.

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Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 13:44:40 BST

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    Dear Wim,

    > You CAN react to environmental stimuli when asleep!

    You may be thinking of sleepwalking. I doubt if your responses to DQ are
    at their peak when bumping around in the night. :-)

    > But more to the point
    > of sorting out the relation between consciousness and direct
    > experience/Quality may be what Pirsig wrote in chapter 29 of 'Lila': 'In
    > this basic flux of experience, the distinctions of reflective thought, such
    > as those between consciousness and content, subject and object, mind and
    > matter, have not yet emerged in the forms which we make them. Pure
    > experience cannot be called either physical or psychical: it logically
    > precedes this distinction.'

    I think Pirsig means "pure experience" cannot be put into words because it
    occurs prior to "reflective thoughts." Unfortunately, by naming it "pure
    experience" he contradicts himself because "pure experience" is a
    distinctive reflective thought.

    > Maybe it is definition problems ('consciousness' having several
    > different meanings) rather than translation problems we are having?

    Possibly. The definition of "consciousness" I use is from Webster: "the
    quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself."
    Also from Webster, a definition of "experience" I subscribe to: "the
    conscious events that make up an individual life"

    Awareness, consciousness, experience -- all refer to the same phenomena,
    i.e., what is happening at this moment without comment.

    Best regards,

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