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Date: Sat Dec 27 2003 - 01:54:05 GMT

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    Hi Folks

    The month is drawing to an end so it's time to suggest new topics for next months discussion.

    You have from now until midnight 28 December (GMT) to post topic suggestions.

    Please use the same subject line as this post when you submit your topic.
    You can propose more than one topic if you wish or re-submit one from last month. These can
    be found by visiting and selecting the 'Unused Topics' link on
    the left hand side of the page.

    Please distinguish clearly between the subject of the topic(s) you are proposing and what you
    wish to say about your topic(s). It would be helpful to list your topic(s) at the start of the post.

    Please wait to vote until I post the CALL FOR VOTES and a topic list on 29th December.

    As per the rules etc. of the MF list the proposer of the subject for December should be putting
    together a summary of the discussion (or nominating someone else to do it - as long as they
    are willing). Also, each participant can prepare an informal "Opinion" consisting of their
    respective yes/no vote on the topic-question and a brief statement (about 250 words or less)
    explaining why they voted the way they did.

    The topic statement (slightly re-worked) is:
    Is Pirsig's conception of the intellect [OR: the intellectual level; OR the fourth level of the
    MOQ], as expressed most recently in his letter to Paul Turner of 27 September 2003
    incoherent and unsustainable.

    We're still taking posts for the current discussion if you have more to contribute.


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