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Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 17:57:24 GMT

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    NOTA BENE!! In the said example above intellects S/O value
    (objectivity-over-subjectivity) is plain to see, so plain that I wonder
    how anyone can avoid seeing it. Just as obvious is emotions as the
    social "expression" and reason as intellect's, and in light of the
    dependency issue one sees emotions' role as what underpins
    reason. Why you consider this aspect of the MOQ as imperfect is
    very strange.

    DM: I agree that SOM, which implies only the distinction, generally
    becomes the value "objectivity-over-subjectivity" but this is not
    true of the great German idealist tradition that is the other way round and
    has a great deal to say about reason and is more the concern of European
    post-modernism than the "objectivity-over-subjectivity" that is really the
    value of modern secular techno-scientific society. I think that your formual
    intellect=SOM I find very odd when I have been educated mainly in the German idealist
    tradition in the humanities but with dualism turned materialist in the sciences. I
    agrre very much with Pirsig with respect to science, but there is a big tradition in the
    European humanities (also some US pragmatism) that is not based on the
    "objectivity-over-subjectivity" value.
    We have been happy in Europe to talk alot ion the humanties about the
    subjective-experiencing-self over the objective-groundless-limited-sciences.

    David M

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