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Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 19:39:50 GMT

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    Hi DMB/Sam/all

    DMB:But it seems to me that the MOQ
    > describes a universe in which entirely saturated in judgements. In the MOQ,
    > even particles have perferences and CAUSE is replaced by VALUE in our
    > scientific descriptions. Sam complains that the intellectual level is an
    > "inert" logic detector, but, as I understand it, the MOQ's aim is to fix the
    > "value-free" sterility of SOM and does so by embedding it in an evolutionary
    > web of values. From dirt to divinity, the she-bang is about judgements, at
    > increasingly higher levels. At every level, the "choosing unit" is DQ, but
    > the static forms of each level can only react in their own static terms.

    DM: I think DMB is spot on here. I think the whole thing links into time.
    DQ is linked to time to values to the capacity to choose between
    different possibilities. Where do values disappear, where does consciousness
    sleep? where there is no choice, where the same comes around again, where
    patterns repeat, this is the nature of matter. There is something very special
    about molecular combinations, they give us the only concept of determinism
    that we have been able to create. I think of matter as being determined in the same
    way as a man that has been placed in chains, slap him as much as you like and
    he cannot run off. Molecular combinations lock up activity and produce what we
    call matter. I refer you to the myth of Osiris and Set.


    I suggest that the fourth level is about individuality (as its goal) because
    this is where DQ is most clearly expressing itself in our time. I would suggest man
    develops away from animals via language via the tribe and society and
    religion to reach the objective and deterministic possibilities of modernity
    and science, initially highly authoritarian and regulated, potentially
    overcome by creative genius, from collective consciousness to individualistic self-
    consciousness, pluralistic, post-modern post-secular, expressive, fulfilled,

    David M

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