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Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 02:01:06 GMT

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    Hi Folks

    Due to some of the received topic suggestions not being of the Yes/No answer format I've
    asked the members in question to re-formulate their suggestions. In order to do this I've
    extended (for the very last time) the deadline until tomorrow night!
    I doubt this will happen in future months but as we're all still getting used to the new format of
    moq_focus I think it's acceptable.
    Tomorrow night is also the time limit of the discussion so no more posts after that either.



    Don't forget that you can send in an informal "Opinion" consisting of your respective yes/no
    vote on the December topic/question and a brief statement (about 250 words or less)
    explaining why you voted the way you did. See the Charter, Rules etc.
    ( for more details

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