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    Hi Folks

    There are several topic suggestions to choose from this month. As always if there
    is not a clear winner - i.e. a tie - I'll select those that have tied and ask for a re-vote.

    You have until about midnight UK time on Feb 7th (approx. 3 days) to send in your vote.

    There is only 1 vote per member so please don't vote for more than 1 topic.

    I will not be forwarding the vote posts to the list but will post the final
    results some time after midnight on Monday, so don't get worried that your
    post hasn't made it. I'll show all the voters on the CALL FOR VOTES final
    results so if you don't see your name on it email me then.

    Any topic that is not used will be added to a page of potential topics which
    can be re-suggested at a later date.

    Below you'll find the list of topics on which to vote.




    1) "In the MOQ feeling corresponds to biological quality." (Pirsig in the
    Copleston annotations).
    I'd like to suggest we spend a bit of time trying to work out what "feeling"
    is, as referred to here, whether it's the same as "sensation" or "emotion",
    and if so, whether this analysis stands up to scrutiny in the light of
    contemporary understandings in the philosophy of mind and neuroscience.

    Sam Norton

    Would you consider Pirsig's MOQ to be modern or postmodern. On the one hand,
    thinking that the intellectual level will one day dominate the social one, the way the latter
    now dominates the biological one, could be deemed as similar to the modern idea of
    reason leading us to progress.
    On the other hand, in view that in the MOQ there is no subject as such, but a series of
    inorganic, static, biological, and intellectual patterns which I call "myself", Wouldn't you
    consider that idea in agreement with postmodern thought?

    Hugo Masse

    3) Topic suggestion: Is there a correlation between Nietzsche's
    "appolonian" versus "dionysian" and Pirsigs' division between SQ and DQ?
    Reading into some of Nietzsche's writing lately I tried to understand
    the way he uses the figure of the god Dionysus in his writings. Somehow
    I got the feeling that Dionysus is to Nietzsche what Dynamic Quality is
    to Pirsig. But I can't really prove this because the jargon is so very
    different. Are there other out there who have ideas on how to treat this
    kind of correlation? So my question is really two-fold:
      1) Is there a correlation?
      2) How can you "prove" such a correlation?

    Jaap Karssenberg

    4) Since my subscription to , I have noticed the ebb of people
    coming and going. This is quite a natural thing to happen on forums on the
    internet. My Question(stated broadly, but its necessary for some
    elaboration) is as follows:
    Is it possible to utilise the ideas of the MoQ, and the members of this
    site, as well as persons familiar with ideas discussed "here". Rather than
    have people come and go from the forum and focus, keeping the active member
    count relatively low, why not attempt to make the members active members of
    change, in their communities. This can not be done on a solitary basis, as
    we all have occupations, families, and responsiblities that consume all of
    the time in our lives. However, can the actual physical meeting of members
    of the MoQ, based on location, bring about positive results?
    So , basically, what steps can we take for the MoQ (as it were) to make a
    positive influence on our world?
    Ideas are are nothing, if not catalysts for action. (?)

    Matt Poot

    5) Why has the MOQ FOCUS Forum been so detached from Dynamic Quality
    lately? I am thinking about the reasons for the two-month pause.
    Can that tendency be changed intentionally? That is to ask: Can one be linked to
    DQ intentionally, is there a program, an action plan, to do so?

    Hugo Masse

    6) According to the MOQ, is superman superior to batman? (The other day I read
    an article that said Val Kilmer is a huge fan of Nietzsche. It got me

    David Buchanan

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