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Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 06:40:43 GMT

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    Let me start from Pirsig's definition in 'Lila's Child' of the biological
    level (compared to the inorganic level): 'Life is matter that has been
    configured by DNA.'
    I'd say that 'feeling' belongs to the biological level only to the extent
    that it is understood as sensory perception.
    To the extent that it is a 'feeling for status' (an 'intuitive feeling' that
    something behoves one or not in a certain situation), it belongs to the
    social level.
    Neither 'feeling', nor 'sensation' or 'emotion' are useful words to define
    the biological level compared to the social level. I prefer 'habit' to do
    that: something behoves one or not because it fits or doesn't fit collective
    habits. We can feel bad in a situation for a mix of biological (hard-wired)
    and social (habit-related) reasons.
    I'm not at home in contemporay understandings of philosophy of mind and
    neuroscience, so I'll leave that to others.

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