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From: Marty Jorgensen (
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 18:42:59 GMT

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    Hello All - Though I rarely make any comments, I do read most of the posts;
    Although I am very interested in the subject matter, I just don't feel
    qualified to respond most of the time. I have read both books, but I am not
    the student of the MOQ that most seem to be, but that doesn't always keep me
    from shooting my mouth off.

    Having thought about feelings and emotions quite a bit, I don't see a
    significant difference between the two. To me, they are different names
    pointing to the same thing. The difficult case that is used as an example
    of the difference between the two is PAIN - if I sit on that old hot stove I
    don't need anyone to tell me that it hurts; I physically react to the
    unpleasant burning sensation. But just because the response is almost
    immediate doesn't mean it's not a judgment; something happens to me and my
    reaction is to label it as 'pain', but there is no such thing as 'pain'
    anywhere but in my judgment. I have a sensation and I classify it, although
    in the case of the hot stove, that process takes virtually no time. A
    better example to illustrate this might be a headache - I have a sensation
    that I dislike and want to end, so I pop a few aspirin or whatever to
    curtail this unpleasantness. I could also look at the headache as a
    sensation I have that is not something to escape from, but as my state of
    being at that moment. If I change the manner in which I relate to this
    sensation, then the negative reaction (the 'pain') can drop away. In my
    opinion, 'pain' and 'embarrassment' are both names for judgments that I
    make, not the sensation itself.

    There - I said something.

    marty j

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