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Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 02:50:27 BST

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    Hi all,

    And thanks to Dario for kicking us off. I liked what you wrote.

    I had wondered whether DMB might jump in quickly, as it was his suggestion
    originally, but I can say something brief.

    Firstly, as a rough rule of thumb, why don't we take 'religion' to mean
    those things that apply to the third level social patterns, and
    'spirituality' that refer to cultivating an openness to DQ. That leaves the
    fourth level open, and ambiguous between them, but it will probably save a
    lot of semantic arguments.

    Given that the MoQ is "officially" part of Zen Buddhism, one would think
    that Zen practices were recommended. However, that might preclude studying
    metaphysics at all (_might_) so how about the following:

    The MoQ describes four levels of existence, in an increasing hierarchy of
    The point is to rise up the levels. [For the consciousness to rise? For the
    soul to rise? To follow DQ? Not sure how to explain this bit in 'official'
    MoQ but it seems necessary to answer the question]
    Practices which send the lower levels to sleep, and which cultivate
    awareness of DQ, are those congruous with the MoQ.

    I'm thinking of things like fasting as a practice which subdues the
    biological patterns of the body (very widespread religious practice); and
    rituals (including things sweeping the floor) that can be done repetitively
    and therefore don't take up 'mental space'. Anyone remember the scene in
    Cronenberg's The Fly, where Jeff Goldblum opens up his wardrobe to reveal a
    rack of identical suits and shirts - because he doesn't want to waste time
    thinking about what to wear, which will give more time to thinking about
    teleportation? That seems to be the sort of thing that might be valued in
    the MoQ.

    I think the more interesting questions are about the fourth level practices,
    but I don't want to say anything about that yet. You could probably predict
    what I would say.


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