Re: MF Does the MOQ support Religion?

From: Khoo Hock Aun (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 17:36:12 BST

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    Hi everyone,

    This topic got me thinking about chronocentricity.

    Everything that we know seems to be about time and calendars and a
    beginning and an end. Man created the concept of time and devised
    measures of time and elaborate systems of recording and predicting cycles
    of time.

    Each civilisation seemed to keep its own time and sense of cycle. Whether
    it is the Jewish, Mayan, Hindu, Islamic, Chinese or the Gregorian
    calendar, time is still an artefact of the human mind to frame the world
    from a cultural perspective.

    It is peculiar to me that religion arises out of the idea that our time on
    this earth is limited to the human life span that we know it and that our
    access to the experience that this human body will allow will end. Time
    and religion are inextricably intertwined.

    Then I think about being achronostic; where one is not bound by any notion
    of time. Let not any of the time based mechanisms that man invented hook
    on to your mind and weigh it down. Let not any man made structure about
    the notion of age and evolution grow like barnacles around your brain and
    paralyse you.

    My physical body may age and be at a certain chronological point. However
    my mind is eternally youthful, perpetually in the same state the day it
    saw through the shallow chronocentricity of the world and their attempts
    to enslave it to time. It as stayed as young as the day it broke free
    from the shackles of time.

    Religion likewise is a shackle on the mind. The Metaphysics of Quality as
    described by Pirsig can help you break that shackle. Religion is what
    ordinary mortals think they need to support their temporary existence
    here on Earth. If the ordinary mortal can attain the insight to grasp the
    MOQ, he or she achieves a permanence, and has no more need of religion;
    shedding it as if it were your old previous skin.

    Khoo Hock Aun

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