MF Does the MOQ support Religion?

From: Kevin Perez (
Date: Sat Aug 13 2005 - 02:47:22 BST

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    Is there a religion or spiritual practice that the MOQ supports?

    In the sense that support is underlying structure that keeps something else in
    place I would have to answer, Mu.

    Pirsig wrote, "MOQ says there can be many competing truths and it is value that
    decides among them." <>

    So why the question? If MOQ supports "a" religion, wouldn't MOQ support all
    religions? Or is the question, does MOQ support Religion? Or do we want to
    know whether the Metaphysics of Quality is, in the area of Religion, "a
    resteraunt with a 30,000 page menu and no food" or a banquet with food in

    Pirsig wrote in ZMM (p. 224), "The reason people see Quality differently [...]
    is because they come to it with different sets of analogues. [...] People differ
    about Quality, not because Quality is different, but because people are
    different in terms of experience. He speculated that if two people had
    identical a priori analogues they would see Quality identically every time.
    There was no way to test this, however, so it had to remain just speculation."

    Its been my experience that organized religion, like most social organizations,
    struggles to balance its need to survive with its need to remain viably
    connected with its surroundings. It can't close its doors to the outside world
    any more than it can say yes to every idea and concept that comes along. What
    makes one religious tradition different from another has more to do with its
    specific myths and rituals and its organizational structure than with its
    spirituality, in my opinion.

    On page 231 of ZMM Pirsig wrote, "The first step down from Phaedrus' statement
    that "Quality is the Buddha" is a statement that such an assertion, if true,
    provides a rational basis for a unification of three areas of human experience
    which are now disunified. These three areas are Religion, Art and Science. If
    it can be shown that Quality is the central term of all three, and that this
    Quality is not of many kinds but of one kind only, then it follows that the
    three disunified areas have a basis for introconversion. [...] In the area of
    Religion, the rational relationship of Quality to the Godhead needs to be more
    thoroughly established, and this I hope to do much later on."

    Has Pirsig developed this introconversion between Religion and Quality?

    Kevin Perez

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