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From: Sam Norton (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 13:13:59 BST

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    Does the MoQ support religion? or particular religious practices etc etc?

    It's a bit like saying 'does the MoQ support eating'?

    In just the same way as there is the human need for certain inorganic
    patterns to be supplied (air to breathe); and to have certain organic
    patterns to be supplied (food and shelter); so too there is a human need for
    certain social patterns to be supplied - those which make us members of a
    group, and to a large extent provide a sense of identity and cohesion.

    So the question as I see it is how to assess the Quality of particular
    social patterns.

    Then, when that has been answered, we can explore what fourth level patterns
    a) enable those social patterns of high Quality, and b) are themselves
    enabled by the social patterns of high quality, so that there is positive

    There is, embedded here, I think, a 'goal' of the MoQ, which hasn't been

    Is it simply that the MoQ describes, and does not prescribe? Perfectly
    possible. That would leave the choice of religions and spiritualities
    outside the framework of the MoQ. I could live with that.

    Or is it that the MoQ itself recommends some religions (Buddhism) and some
    spiritual practices (meditation, koans) as THE way for an awareness to
    ascend up the levels? That would make the MoQ itself into a religion, rather
    than simply a metaphysics. But it is, I feel, the implication of many
    contributor's views.

    Those who were thrown to the lions were not reading "Thomas" or Q or the
    "Gospel of Mary." They were reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the
    (Tom Wright)

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