RE: MF Does the MOQ support Religion?

From: Gert-Jan Peeters (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 00:51:45 BST

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    Compagnion d'misÚre,

    I tend to say that the Moq describes the different religions.
    Its only support is in admitting that religion 'exists'.
    But that counts for all religions, not one in specific.
    Besides, the moq should be kept away from religion, for religion is a
    slow-paced form of evolution.


    I also tend to use the moq to evaluate what religion suits (fits) better in
    moq perspective.
    A religion that brings human sacrifices to please their god is also killing
    'idea-sources' and can therefore not be a good religion. This supports the
    idea that the MOQ has described what people like in a religion and what not.
    Allthough I know I shouldn't use the moq as an ethic-handbook, It all makes
    it a bit more clear to me.

    Its all quite anoying to think about this matter because it aint clear to me
    if religion is a social pattern of value or something more than that.


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