RE: MF Does the MOQ support Religion?

From: Marty Jorgensen (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 17:39:14 BST

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    Is there a religion or spiritual practice that the MOQ supports?

    I think this subject can easily become confused if religion and spiritual
    practices are defined as the same. To me, religion is a social institution,
    mostly static in nature. Spiritual beliefs and practices (outside of
    organized religion) are often dynamic in nature. There are those who
    believe that the next step in evolution goes beyond the intellectual, to an
    awareness and presence beyond the mind and its capabilities. If this is
    true, then it is possible that the MOQ is this process, as the pursuit of
    Quality is an evolutionary endeavor, and can be seen as being beyond the
    ability of the intellect to fully grasp it. If the next level of evolution
    is spiritual in nature, then I see the MOQ not only supporting that, but
    defining it.

    Marty J

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