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    No I don't think Marsha was pushing buddhism either. I was trying to clarify her reference to it from the religion vs science comparison (asking her wouldn't it fall in the old ways of religion) whereas it has somehow turned into religion type 1 vs. religion type 2 comparison.
    Ian Glendinning <> wrote:
    I don't think Marsha was pushing buddhism per se - just pointing out its dynamic qualities as being naturally attractive to those who have confidence in the MoQ, unlike the controlling / deistic / mystical faith religions.
    (I'm genuinely baffled how these survive on this board. Valid subject for debate / discussion, but how believers in these faiths can find anything in common with MoQites leaves me speechless.)
    Agnosticism is merely a tactic of suspending disbelief to avoid an argument - not a belief in itself, unlike atheism. You've reminded me of one of the threads I really like in Life of Pi. Magic book.
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    Well other faiths have the notion of complete interconnectedness, too: Hinduism talks about the Net of Indra; Native American religions understand the sacred hoop.
    I think there other religions would argue they that promote freedom from illusion too.
    I can't remember where I read it but I even remember Dali Lama saying he thought Buddhism was the best religion but he thought it better if you stayed with the religion you understood/familiar with. I am not sure if I agree with the big D on that one but I can't say I agree saying that "other religions are inappropriate" either. Singling out one religion and labeling others as inappropriate seems a sure road to fundamentalistic thinking even with such a free thinking religion as Buddhism (which I also really like too).
    I think why I don't like singling out Buddhism is because of a book I just read (and liked),
    Life of Pi. I think it would be interesting to hear comments on that book in relation to this topic.
    For me two things come to mind: the part of the book where he upsets his religous mentors because he is going to worship at all the different religious places. His answer was "all religions are true" (can't remember who he was quoting Ghandi......
    Then another interesting part of his character was when he came across an atheist. It was interesting that agnosticism bothered him but not atheism.

    MarshaV <> wrote:
    Hi Erin,

    I'm suggesting that the big three (Islam, Judism & Christianity) are no
    longer appropriate. They are old ways of thinking. Buddhism is very old
    too. But it is more open and dynamic. It has rules, but its intent is to
    promote freedom from illusion. I also think that it promotes the
    everything-is-connected-to-everything perspective. This perspective seems
    more tuned to quantum sciences.

    Big disclaimer: I am neither a philosopher, nor scientist, nor
    Buddhist. I'm just an individual trying to see past her nose.


    At 08:34 AM 10/13/2004 -0700, you wrote:
    >I sent an email on this a few days back but it doesn't seem to have showed
    >up, probably resend it later.
    >But quick question. I am not trying to manipulate your words because you
    >didn't literally say th! is but this is honestly the impression i got from
    >reading this. I don't know if my impression is wrong or not ( i realize
    >that this is not what you wrote and am sorry if my impression is off).
    >But the discussion is about a new field science being better than an old
    >field of religion.
    >And so in reading this I got the sense of down with the old (religion) and
    >the up with the new. But then you say maybe Buddhism can help show the
    >way, but that is an old religion.

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