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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 13:11:46 GMT

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    Hi Steve,

    You've provided an excellent analysis of the absolutism vs. relativism
    debate. I find nothing to disagree with. I especially like the move that
    avoids the charge of absolutes in Pirsig's metaphysics (of which there are
    many) by saying his theory should be taken as provisional. Of course,
    asserting that it's good to view theories as provisional is itself an
    absolute, unless that assertion too is provisional, ad infinitum.

    You asked:
    > I brought up this issue, because it concerns the issue of
    > homosexuality. People opposed to gay rights often claim to hate the
    > sin and not the sinner. In other words, they consider the homosexual act
    > itself to be simply wrong. Is this your view?

    No. But, some of the behaviors leading to the act I consider wrong such as
    soliciting innocents to participate in the act.

    > I think there may be an important disagreement between the MOQ and
    > formalism, since the "absolute" of the MOQ is not to be taken as
    > absolute as the Christian God or the Founding Father's Natural Law but
    > rather as a high Quality intellectual pattern of value. What do you think?

    Well, the scale of Quality from low to high is an absolute although where
    to place a particular idea or behavior on that scale is a matter of
    personal preference guided by Pirsig's hierarchy. What I find interesting
    is your implication that belief in God can support an intellectual pattern
    just as belief in Quality supports the pattern of the MOQ.

    This takes us back to my original question, "Until the MOQ is widely known
    and believed, what is the proper source of morality for a nation?"

    What do you think?


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