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From: Sam Norton (
Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 12:39:29 GMT

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    Hi MSH,
    Merry Christmas.
    A quickie response - beliefs don't stand alone, they are embedded in forms of life. If you attack
    the beliefs without engaging with the underlying forms of life then the beliefs will persist,
    because they are sustained by those forms. Similarly, unless you provide a different form of life to
    which a person can 'convert' then persuading them intellectually is nowhere near enough.

    I'll be able to pursue this more in a few days time. I feel another essay coming on.


    > msh asks:
    > Why is believing something that is false better than believing
    > nothing? IOW, why must you have something better to believe in, in
    > order to change your view? When presented with evidence
    > contradicting your belief, can't you simply suspend belief and begin
    > your own investigation?

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