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Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 02:22:22 BST

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    Wim's note:
    For Matt: even though I use the word 'metaphysics' (in MoQ), I agree that it
    should not be understood as a 'meta-narrative' that 'sits behind all other
    narratives and vocabularies', but as a 'local narrative'. In other words: I
    recognize (like Pirsig) that it is not the only metaphysics possible. What
    about seeing it as a 'frame story', an attempt to create a context in which
    as many other stories as possible get a meaning (but never all)?

    As a local narrative, I certainly have no problem. The notion of a "frame
    story" strongly resembles Wilfrid Sellars' definition of philosophy (which
    Rorty co-opts): "the attempt to see how things, in the broadest possible
    sense, hang together, in the broadest possible sense." The only thing I
    hesitate in is saying "an attempt to create a context in which as many
    other stories as possible get a meaning." It borders closely on making a
    transcendental context (a context for all possible stories). Your caveat,
    "but never all," I think covers you from making a transcendental argument,
    but I don't like it if it is construed as saying, "we can't create a
    transcendental context, but we can create a historical context that
    contains everything so far, and just keep expanding that context to take in
    more and more as it comes along." The reason I hesitate is because I don't
    think it is in our best interests to take in all contexts. For instance, I
    think Pirsig (or others, like Bo, I'm not positive Pirsig makes this
    argument) was conceding too much when he claimed that SOM is subsumed under
    the MoQ, that the MoQ contains SOM and includes even more. I think we
    should ditch SOM wholesale, its a set of intuitions that I think we would
    be better off not having. If you don't construe a "frame story"
    quasi-transcendentally, then I'd be behind it.


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