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    Back in the 70's I used to ride a ten year old 250cc Honda CB72 (But I'd
    never heard of Pirsig or ZMM then.)
    These days I drive an open top sports car, and realised in correspondence
    with others that the reason I like to drive it, daily in all weathers, is
    that "closer to reality" feeling that Pirsig also recommended about the
    Spooky or what ?
    Oh, and I own a sailboat.

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    > >> Hello All,
    > >> Its of no matter really, but i am feeling a bit chuffed. You see, i
    >rode my
    > >> first solo motorcycle the
    > >> other day, and felt the thrill of man and machine in harmony.
    > >> Well, harmony may be over stating it a tad, but something was stirring.
    > >>
    > >> squonk rider
    > >
    > > Glad to hear another person on the list is getting (or is already) into
    > > motorcycles. Hope
    > > you didn't do what I did on my first ride which was to go straght up
    >into the
    > > air - serious wheelie
    > > - and land flat on my back.
    > > Just as a matter of interest, how many other folk on the list ride
    > > - casually or as a
    > > way of life. Just wondering.
    >I ride a bit. My wife and I have a 1980 Yamaha. It's more hers than mine.
    >In PA the dept of transportation offers a free motorcycle safety class.
    >Participants ride their motorcycles and take a license test on the final
    >of class. I did it last spring. I think it would be worth doing just for
    >fun, even for someone who never intends to get a motorcycle or ride again.

    Surely many ZMM fans have that in common, you can't read that book without
    trying it. I did the same kind of class a few years ago, and then rented
    bikes with friends a few weekends to go riding around, once I got one for a
    whole week while my car was in the shop. I started feeling really
    comfortable with the static patterns of the bike and the road, but other
    cars can be very DQ. A good driver does what you expect him to, it's really
    what makes it possible to share the roads. But sometimes they don't, or
    maybe sometimes you don't do what they expect, or the road doesn't do what
    you expec, and it's scary on a bike. I can see why Pirsig eventually got a

    Be careful squonk. If there is some extremely low quality, remember that
    there are no subjects and objects in the moq.


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