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From: Scott R (
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 04:10:15 BST

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    It sounds to me like you are proposing a bottom up theory. Such a theory
    doesn't make sense to me. One objection is to ask why the universe would
    have had these chemicals emanating awareness for billions of years, when
    this property has no function or purpose until life starts to form.

    - Scott

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    > Joe:
    > I now have a word to describe the connection of DNA to consciousness. My
    > DNA, by definition contains the four orders, inorganic, organic, social,
    > intellectual.
    > Scott:
    > Where did this definition come from? DNA is a chemical.
    > joe: i am not looking at the chemical analysis. I am looking at life
    > (organic, social, intellect) evolvinging from the inorganic order. DNA is
    > the smallest particle I thought of as a term to represent individual life.
    > In MoQ these orders are defined as different in a division of everything
    > into dyanmic or static quality, and this seems to be an accepted division
    > and definition.
    > Joe
    > My DNA emanates a field I call awareness.
    > Scott:
    > Why do you think this? Do all chemicals emanate an awareness field or
    > DNA? If the latter, what makes DNA special?
    > joe: in reverse order, IMO DNA is special by being the smallest particle
    > individual life. In order to be known all chemicals emanate to a
    > brain. The emanation is latched into a pattern and a word is assigned.
    > suggests a different connection to knowledge. One-celled organisms seek
    > food. Their activity is modified by something other than gravity. This
    > difference shows a capability (purpose) for identifying specific chemicals
    > necessary to their state. Other capabilities emanate from the inorganic
    > order creating a more complex organic (purpose), social (purpose,
    > intellectual (purpose, emotion, quality) orders. The more complex
    > individuals have a presence indicating a more complex field of awareness.
    > DNA generated awareness field is the simplest explanation.
    > Why? I am trying to work out the implications of an instinctive sensing of
    > reality.
    > Scott:
    > "Consciousness or even sentience *cannot* evolve out of
    > joe: that raises the bar pretty high for trying to describe how life
    > (conscious) and material (non conscious) are in the same universe. The
    > 'evolve' straddles the two universes. Emanation is the vehicle.
    > I am sorry for being obscure. Since MoQ is a recent observation, there
    > not a lot of words that have an accepted meaning in describing its
    > Joe
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