Re: MD MOQ and idealism

From: Patrick van den Berg (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 16:02:04 BST

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    Hi Mark and other consensusalists,

    (I urge you to reflect
    > upon recent
    > posts by Wim, Dan, Paul, Platt, RMP, myself....) Insisting only a
    > select few
    > intellectual chiefs share a perch upon a lofty plato with you will not
    > change a
    > thing.

    I've read some part of the discussions of these people, but maybe it's
    interesting for you and the people you mentioned to summarize or merely
    state the points of agreements on where the MoQ is heading. If there's
    truly a consensus, this should be possible.

    Greetings, Patrick.

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