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Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 04:30:56 GMT

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    Hi all,

    Question: How can we distinguish "feeling" from emotion? I have said before
    that I
    >think that the field of 'emotion' is a blind-spot in the MoQ, and Pirsig
    >often seems to have uncritically accepted an enlightenment bias against
    >emotion. But it seems to me fairly well-established now that emotions are,
    >at least in part, cognitive in character, so that enlightenment bias is
    >unsustainable. If so, in what way are "feelings" - understood as biological
    >Quality - to be distinguished from "emotions" - understood as, at least in
    >part, a pattern which operates on the intellectual level?

    In response;

    I think , that it is rational to assume that depending upon the use and
    placement of the word feeling, it can have meaning for the actual sensation
    (touch, smell, etc) or for the emotional aspect. However , I would like to
    stress the importance of its use, in relation the extra-sensory perceptions.

    Some of these "extra-sensory" sensations I speak of, can include,
    depression, love, hate, anxiety, fear, anger, confusion, etc. The actual
    use of the word "feeling" implies equal importance, and relevance of these.

    Lets take a few simple examples here:

    I'm feeling sick. ------ This would correlate to the negative physical
    sensations in mind/body . When your sick, your thought changes as well as
    the well being of your body.

    sometimes I feel so happy. ------ This would correlate to both the physical
    (adrenaline, or other euphoric enzymes released into the bloodstream) but
    more importantly to the mental state.

    and love, perhaps only equaled by hate in its capacity to dominate our
    entire ability to think, and exist as we do, in day - to - day life.

    I think, and am sure some would agree, that the debate lies as to whether
    feelings (extra-sensory) are merely the result of enzymes and neurological
    stimulants, or that they exist on an entirely different plane.

    There is no conclusive answer, of course. or is there??????

    I think that emotion, is a barrier between the less evolved, and the more
    evolved, the same as we would consider the use of tools to be at a higher
    state of evolution. Are emotions limited to humans only? another
    impossible question!

    Since we cannot provide definite answers to these questions, lets address
    the issue of whether emotion can be considered on the level of intellectual,
    or remain on the biological level.

    Although I can't really justify it at this point, I do think that emotion is
    more than a biological reaction.

    Perhaps some emotions (lust, fear, etc. ) exist on the biological level.

    I think the real question has to focus around love. no one can rationalize
    it, explain it, justify it, or understand it.

    love just "is".

    Sounds familiar.....


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